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Humans produce IL0 using an "IL0 Annotation Manual". They view and correct the output of the dependency parser with TrEd. Reeder 2004, pp. 3-4

IL0 Annotation Manual

Presupposes linguistic expertise. Examples:

Deep role (DRole). This is the role of the node with respect to its mother, in some deeper representation. This is a little murky. We will use strictly syntactic criteria. Specifically, DRole is different from SRole only if there is a form of the verb in which it is realized with more arguments. DRole reflects the argument patterns of the verb if it were in its active, non-ergative form.
When the main verb is a form of the copula, the head of the clause will vary depending on the type of copular sentence. Predicative copular constructions will have the predicate as their head. Equative copular constructions will have the copula as their head.
Manual provided by Stephen Helmreich