Three layers

"Levels" represent different mixtures of grammatical structure and meaning. Text is represented incrementally.


a deep syntactic dependency representation (Reeder 2004, p. 2)


an intermediate semantic representation associating semantic concepts with lexical units (Reeder 2004, p. 2)


intended to be an interlingua, a representation of meaning that is reasonably independent of language (Reeder 2004, p. 1)

Proposed extensions

In the next stage, we will proceed from IL1 to IL2, and possibly further, in a number of ways. First, we will move from lexical semantic content to information about the actual events, objects, and properties referred to in the text. Second, we will create for this information a well-defined representation language (the interlingual representation structure). Third, extending IL2, we will investigate the appropriate coding of temporal, modal, and aspectual information from text. Finally, we will integrate information that relates the participants to an event and also events to each other. At each stage, we will verify the intercoder reliability of the coding schema, and code a sizeable multilingual corpus with the additional information. IAMT 2004, "Goals"