Semantic Web

What must it represent?

Some evidence

A sample of sentences from pages containing "type", to bias the results toward confirmation of the claim that most Web statements are as easy to encode as "B is a type of A" and "T has value V on property P".

20 Sentences from the Web
This declaration is optional, but is good form to avoid namespace collisions with other plugins or MT.No
This part holds inline information and makes reference to subsequent body parts holding additional text or non-text directory information via their Content-ID URIs as explained in Section 5.No
Close to 500 type lovers attended TypeCon2005, the seventh annual SOTA conference held in New York City last July.No
The getResult() method above is broken.Maybe
In addition, FT Interactive Data employs highly skilled professionals who are in touch with the market each day.No
If you liked this project and want to learn more about fonts and typography, check out our graphic design Typography page.No
Browse through alt / indie music bands by genre, including grunge, indie rock, emo, punk, alt country, shoegazer, experimental, and more.No
Some documents are available here in Adobe Acrobat Reader format (PDF).Maybe
Thanks for writing this up.No
When the data is formed in a unix timestamp, no such loss occurs as the number of seconds since 1970 can be equal to any possible integral value.No
Fontaholics Anonymous - Shareware and Freeware fonts on the web, tons 'o links, too!No
Microsoft Says Recovery from Malware Becoming ImpossibleNo
Like many Perl based software modules, the installation can hold a few preciously frustrating moments as one fiddles with the wonders of the CPAN archives and various versions of the Perl module dependencies, but other than that, this is a typical MT plugin install with a few geeky steps for the UNIX literate.No
The Carnegie Endowment publishes books, reports, policy briefs, and working papers on a range of international affairs issues for policy makers, scholars, and anyone interested in foreign policy.No
"At the same time, it doesn’t slow down the conversation among site regulars or frequent commenters."No
National Center on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NCMHD) (Two Letter Code: MD)Maybe
This is not good.Maybe
Typography is the art of working with type.Maybe
This is great when you have your hands full but you still want to have your camera on hand.No
Neisseria gonorrhoeae strain FA1090 is a streptomycin-resistant, proline-requiring strain that has been used to study the human immune response to gonococcal infection (Nat. Immunol. 3(3):229-236, 2002).No


5 sentences (25%) may be as easy as Berners-Lee at al. claim, 15 (75%) are not.